1-13 June, 2015 - The Juniors from around the region meet at Gethsemani




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For two weeks each year, the Juniors of the region meet for a special conference. They have the opportunity to learn from notable guest presenters and to get to know one another.

Fr. Michael Casey, the well-known Cistercian author and speaker, was the presenter at this year's Junior Conference.

In the first week, he gave a series of lectures on the Constitutions of the Order, in the composition of which he was instrumental. For the second week, he presented selections from the Cistercian Fathers and Mothers.


But the friendships formed at the Junior Conferences are as important as the presentations. The participants get to know one another through conversations at mealtimes and on walks. They become more aware of the breadth of the order, and form a peer group which will be important for the future of the Order.

Many of these friendships will endure through the monastic lives of the participants, particularly as they begin to take more responsibility within their own monasteries.



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On the final evening of the conference, the Juniors shared some musical offerings with the community. There are many fine musicians and singers among the group.

The community was pleased and energized by the presence of so many bright faces and their wonderful voices added a great deal to the celebration of the office and of mass.

Special thanks go to Br. Cassian of Conyers, who is the regional coordinator for the junior program.



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