10-13 November, 2015 - Fr. Emmanuel aids us in our Opus Dei




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Opus Dei means "the Work of God" and refers to singing the psalms in choir, the true work of the monk. The phrase itself suggests its supreme importance.

The Rule of Benedict clearly states that "nothing is to be preferred to the Work of God," (43:3) which means that, by extension, we must work hard at doing the best job we can while we are in choir.

To this end, our choirmaster, Br. Luke, holds regular rehearsals for the entire community during which he introduces new material and suggests areas in which we could improve. 


For the past few years, we have also periodically called on the help of Fr. Emmanuel from Spencer abbey in Massachussets as an outside ear to help us along.

He worked hard on our behalf through this week with three special rehearsal sessions.

We truly appreciate his generous help and his suggestions to help us better praise God through our chant in choir.



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