11-28 September, 2014 - The General Chapter of the OCSO






Every three years, the Order of the Cistercians of the Strict Observance (OCSO) holds its General Chapter.

The General Chapter is the supreme authority in the Order, and was instituted at the very beginning of the Order's history.

This year, as with the previous two chapters, the meeting was held in the town of Assisi, about two hours' drive north of Rome.




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Assisi is an ancient medieval town, renowned as the home of Francis and Claire.  It is situated part way up a mountain, above the plain where the General Chapter took place. 

Abbots and abbesses from all over the world meet at the chapter to discuss business and solve problems together.  There were over 200 participants, including those without votes such as regional delegates, visitors, and the secretarial pool.


Our own Abbot Elias attended, of course, as did Br. Lawrence who served with secretarial duties.

This year's chapter was historic in that it was the first ever which combined the men's and women's branches into a single gathering.

For a short video of the chapter:

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