12-14 July, 2016 - Fr. Terrence Kardong gives a series of talks




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Gethsemani had the distinct pleasure this week to welcome Fr. Terrence Kardong as a guest and speaker.

He spoke to the community in a series of lectures about Pope Gregory the Great. Gregory was the Pope from 590 until his death in 604, a time of great upheaval across Europe. Among his many accomplishments were a mission to England which resulted in the founding of the famous church at Canterbury, the seat of the Catholic Church in England until Henry VIII, after which it became the seat of the Church of England.

Gregory is also known as the author of many works, including a life of St. Benedict, the only biographical account of the author of the monastic Rule which has directed contemplative life in Europe since the ninth century.

Fr. Terrence's lectures were bright and informative, and informed with much insight from his own years as a Benedictine monk. The whole community enjoyed his talks and his presence among us.


Fr. Terrence is a monk of Assumption Abbey in North Dakota. He joined in 1956. His many credits include a large number of books and even more articles. One of his legacies is a detailed commentary on the Rule of St. Benedict. He has also written a commentary on Gregory's Life of Benedict. As if this were not enough, he has been the editor of the prestigious journal The American Benedictine Review since 1982.