12 December, 2017 - Br. Norbert leaves us for his final journey




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Br. Norbert in his work habit around 1955

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Br. Norbert Meier passed from us to God in the early hours of the morning today.

He was born in Celina Ohio on the 26th of September, 1926. He served in the marines stateside during the Second World War. He entered Gethsemani on the 11th of April in 1949 as a laybrother and made his solemn profession on the 8th of December, 1954. He was 91 years old, had been at Gethsemani for 68 years and in solemn vows for 63 years.

During his time at Gethsemani he held most jobs that were to be had. He was undermaster of the Lay novices for some years, then was bookkeeper for about 18 years, and assistant cellarer for another 18 years. He has worked in the infirmary, the kitchen, the tailor shop, the gatehouse, among many other duties.


In many ways, Br. Norbert was the model monk. He was always cheerful, gentle and kind. Although he suffered from back pain for much of his adult life, he never complained, and in fact was only sorry that his disability kept him from being of more service to the community.

He was remarkable for his humility. He rarely took credit for anything and was always disposed to think of others before himself. He was free with compliments and encouragement to others and constantly faithful to the monastic discipline.

Br. Norbert was an example to all of us of what a monk should be: faithful, humble, content, and loving to his brothers.



Br. Norbert in January 1968 from a group photo

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