November 2017 - Fr. Michael and the Bees




The monks at Gethsemani all have assigned work, usually in our fudge or fruitcake production, by which we earn our living.

Many of the monks, however, have other, voluntary jobs which they have taken up because their interests and the abbey's needs have coincided in some way.

Fr. Michael Casagram has served the community in many, many ways over the 54 years he has lived here. He has been vocation director and novice director, for example. Currently he is the prior of the abbey and heads up the fudge department.

However, in addition to these official appointments, he has worked as a beekeeper for the whole time he has been here. His hives produce honey for the community, both in liquid and in comb form. The monks use it to sweeten nearly everything, from toast in the morning, to tea at noon, and more.

This video follows Fr. Michael as he talks about his work with the bees and how they have taught him about God and monastic life.