15 November, 2017 - The anniversary of the dedication of the church of Gethsemani




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On the 15th of November, 1866, more than 8 years after construction began and nearly 18 years after the monks arrived, the abbey church of Gethsemani was formally consecrated by Archbishop Purcell of Cincinnati.

This feast not only marks the commemoration of the church as a building, but is also a feast for the many monks who have lived here through the past 163 years, and those who live here today.


During the consecration, the walls of the nave were annointed in 12 places, in which we currently have 12 slots to hold candles.

These candles are only installed and lit on this particualar feastday, and they burn for 24 hours, warming the church with their gentle light.

As St. Bernard puts it, "This is so much our own feast that if we do not celebrate it, no one will" (Sermon 1 on the Dedication of the Church).



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