18-28 March, 2017 - Our visitation




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The various abbeys of the Cistercian Order are generally independent houses, sharing practices and a long history. To keep the Order functioning as a whole, and to keep watch on the health of the houses, the Order, from its very beginning, instituted the practice of visitations.

A visitation is made by the abbot of the "mother" house (most usually the founding house) every two years and a report is drawn up noting the general state of the house and any problems it may be having. This report, or "visitation card" is passed along to the Order's Generalate in Rome where it is reviewed and, if necessary, acted upon.

Our mother house is currently New Melleray Abbey in Iowa, since our founding house, Melleray, in France, has officially been closed.

Dom Mark Scott, the abbot of New Melleray, was our visitor. He interviewed all the monks in the community and wrote a thoughtful and thorough summary of his findings, which he read to the community on 28 March.

After the reading of the visitation card, the community gathered for a photograph. It was particularly fortunate that Dom Timothy was also visiting from Rome, and so was able to be in the photograph, below.

We want to thank Dom Mark for his kind and always thoughtful presence among us and for his efforts on our behalf.



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