18 July, 2017 - A history lesson - the novices visit Holy Cross




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Holy Cross was the first Catholic Church in Kentucky, built in 1792.

In 1804, well before the foundation of Gethsemani Abbey, a group of monks from France under the direction of Fr. Urbain Guillet established a community at Pottinger's creek, a mere few miles from Gethsemani's eventual location.

Fr. Urbain was restless and moved the community after a short time to Casey Creek in the south of Kentucky, and eventually to Cahoika Illinois, near St. Louis.

The members of the group who survived these perigrinations returned to France in 1814. 


Life was hard in Kentucky, which was really on the frontier at that time. The community at Pottinger's creek left behind some of its members who died of the hardship buried in the cemetery of Holy Cross.

A memorial marks the place of the original church building and commemorates the Trappist monks who lie there.



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The novices led by Br. Conrad, the monastery's historian, visited the site on the 18th of July and stopped for a picture in front of the memorial. From left to right they are, Br. Abel, Br. Joseph, Br. Conrad, Br. Matthias (who entered the Juniorate recently) and Postulant Allen.

Behind the camera was Br. Lawrence.



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