19 November, 2016 - Br. Paul speaks at the Masjid Bilal mosque in Lexington




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For many years now, the Masjid Hilal mosque in Lexington, KY has been sponsoring and participating in a series of Muslim - Christian dialogues.

Most recently, our own Br. Paul was asked to speak at one of these gatherings.

Br. Paul has had an active interest in Islam ever since he was first introduced to it by his novice master, Thomas Merton. 

Br. Paul spoke about his encounters with Islam through poetry and his own personal prayer practices.


There were about 100 in attendance, the Muslim and Christian sponsors of the dialogues as well as many other interested visitors, including some Buddhists.

Dialogue between Muslims and Christians seems particularly important now, when rhetoric threatens to disregard the many individuals of all faiths dedicated to peace and goodwill.



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As it turned out, this meeting was also the annual Thanksgiving celebration. Many people brought wonderful dishes to share and of course there were two turkeys.

The dialogue continued over dinner as many shared their experiences with inter-faith dialogue over this wonderful meal.

We would like to thank the members of the Masjid Hilal community for their wonderful hospitality and example.



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To visit the website of the Masjid Hilal community in Lexington, to read about them and see their other activities, follow this link: