3 November, 2014 - Our Ginko Tree Drops its Leaves





Near the beginning of the 20th century, Abbot Edmund Obrecht brought a ginko tree back to Gethsemani from one of his visits to China.  This tree was planted in the "monks' garden," behind what was then the gatehouse.

A century later, this tree is still flourishing, very tall and strong.

It is a sure sign of autumn when the leaves of the ginko tree turn from green to a bright yellow. 

When the leaves change colour, the monks wait for them to drop.





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Unlike most deciduous trees, whose leaves fall over a period of weeks, the ginko drops all of its leaves at once, within a few hours.  This usually happens after a hard frost.

This year, this event happened on the 3rd of November.  Following a frosty night, the sun came out warming the tree, and nearly every leaf fell within two hours, forming a bright yellow carpet beneath.