25 December, 2014 - Unto Us a Child Is Born



"The only adequate way to receive the glory of Christmas is to reflect it"

- Fr. Elias, Christmas Day homily




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We wish to extend our best wishes for a happy, safe and spiritually rich Christmas to everyone. May we all find joy in the birth of our Lord on this earth.



From the First Sermon of Christmas by
Bl. Guerric of Igny

Puer natus est nobis. Puer antiquus dierum. Puer forma corporis et aetate: antiquus dierum, incomprehensibili Verbi aeternitate. Quanquam et in ipsa sua dierum antiquitate etsi puer non sit, novus tamen semper sit; imo non tam novus sit, quam ipsa novitas in se semper manens et innovans omnia, a quo quaeque res prout recedit, inveteratur; prout reaccedit, renovatur.


"Unto us a child is born." A child, the ancient of days. A child in bodily form and age, but the ancient of days in the eternity of the incomprehensible Word. Although the ancient of days is not, in himself,  a child, nevertheless, he is always new. Indeed, he is not so much new as newness itself, since he always remains new in himself and renews all things. Everything grows old which moves away from him, and everything is renewed which comes back to him.

- quoted in the homily for Midnight Mass by Fr. Seamus