21 February, 2020 - We have eggs!



  2020 02 21 eggs 01 med 

Br. Aaron collects about a dozen eggs per day from the monastery's chickens. Click to enlarge.



  2020 02 21 eggs 04 sm 

Chickens keep safe and warm in the hen house.

Click to enlarge.


It seems like only yesterday that the abbey's baby chicks and ducklings arrived. Well, the hatchlings have all grown up and began laying eggs of their own just over a week ago.

At first there were two or three eggs each day, but now Br. Aaron is collecting close to a dozen daily. 


That's not bad for a brood of 15! The eggs will be a welcome addition in the monastery kitchen.

In related news, a weasel wiped out the monastery's ducks, but the abbey ordered a new group of ducklings and they are doing well. Hopefully they will also begin producing eggs in the near future.


  2020 02 21 eggs 03 sm 

Br. Aaron with a red star chicken. Some of the abbey's ducks can be seen in the background. Click to enlarge.