21 March, 2017 - Ann Hall and Catherine Cahoe retire




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Many of you reading this will recognize Ann and Catherine. If you are a family member or friend of one of the monks, chances are that at some point you have been served by them at the Family Guest House 

An entire generation of monks have had their families taken care of by Ann and Catherine. Every monk can tell a story about how much their families appreciated the warm and generous help they received from them during their stay. Ann and Catherine made them feel part of the extended monastic family.


To give them some small token of our appreciation for their decades of service, there was a reception held upstairs in the welcome center in their honour. Many monks dropped by to give them their thanks.

Ann and Catherine have been welcoming the families of monks for an astounding combined total of 81 years.

We thank them for their selfless and warm-hearted service to this community from the bottom of our hearts.



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