23 September, 2019 - Fr. Lawrence films in Newfoundland for formation project



  2019 09 23 newfoundland 01 med 

David Bell discusses de Rancé for the video project.

As a deacon in the Anglican Church, he wears a Roman collar.

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  2019 09 23 newfoundland 02 sm 

A view of St. John's harbor.

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Gethsemani's Novice Master/resident filmmaker Fr. Lawrence recently returned from a weeklong videoshoot in St. John's, Newfoundland. Along with Sr. Grace of Our Lady of the Mississippi Abbey, he filmed an in-depth course on Dom Armand-Jean le Bouthillier de Rancé, former abbot of La Trappe.

While not the originator of the Strict Observance per se, Rancé was the leading figure in the movement. Those who took up his austere reforms eventually became known as Trappists.


David Bell, the star of the upcoming video, is the world's leading expert on Rancé. He has written several books on the Trappists' founder and is a frequent contributor to Cistercian Studies Quarterly.

On Sept. 22, Fr. Lawrence gave a presentation to the community on the project and his trip, including the photos in this article.

While the multiple-hour course is designed for the ongoing formation of the Order's monks and nuns, Fr. Lawrence said that he plans to post the videos online for all to enjoy.

We thank Fr. Lawrence and Sr. Grace for their hard work and look forward to the final cut!


  2019 09 23 newfoundland 03 sm 

Sr. Grace enjoys the waves at Deadman's Bay.

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