25 January, 2020 - Monks take retreat of their own




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Dom Augustine, OCSO, of Monastery of the Holy Spirit in Georgia.

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Even monks need a retreat once in a while. Gethsemani's brothers spent Jan. 12 through 19 in a community retreat with Dom Augustine, abbot of the abbey's daughter house - Monastery of the Holy Spirit.

The retreat house was closed and fruitcake and fudge operations were shut down for the week so the brothers could spend more time in prayer and recollection.

The week opened and closed with Adoration of the Blessed Sacrament. Each morning, Dom Augustine gave a brief conference to kick off the day.

The talks focused on renewing appreciation and love for the contemplative vocation. The monks appreciated his sincerity, humor and candor and many signed up for individual visits with him throughout the week.

Thank you to Dom Augustine for sharing your insights and time with us.


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Dom Augustine shares his insights and stories with the monks.

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