25 March, 2015 - Feast of the Annunciation





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In te sola Rex ille dives et praedives exinanitus; excelsus, humiliatus; immensus, abbreviatus, et angelis minoratus est: verus denique Deus et Dei Filius incarnatus. Sed quo fructu? Nempe ut omnes ejus paupertate locupletemur, ejus humilitate sublevemur, ejus minoratione magnificemur, ejus incarnatione adhaerentes Deo, incipiamus unus esse spiritus cum eo.

- Bernard of Clairvaux - Sermon # 3 on the Annunciation




  Into you alone has that wealthy, indeed the most wealthy, King been emptied. Exalted, he has become humble, great he has become little, even less than the angels. He is truly God and the incarnate Son of God. But for what fruit? So that we might all be enriched by his poverty, exalted by his humility, made great by his littleness, so that clinging to God by his incarnation, we might begin to be one spirit with him.