29 April, 2014 - Dom Elias Dietz is Re-Elected as Abbot of Gethsemani





The first six-year abbatial term of Dom Elias expired on the 29th of April, 2014. The community therefore held an offical abbatial election. Dom Elias was handily reelected for another six-year term.


Dom Mark Scott, the abbot of New Melleray, presided over the election as our Father Immediate. The installation of the abbot was held later the same day. In the photo above, Dom Mark places the pectoral cross of the abbot on Dom Elias while Br. Albert assists.





Photo Credit - Br. Paul

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Each monk of the abbey then approached Dom Elias, knelt, and professed their obedience to him.


We ask that you keep Fr. Elias in your prayers as he once again assumes the burden of office.