29 November, 2015 - A blessed Advent season to all




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We at Gethsemani want to wish everyone a very blessed Advent season. 


Tertius enim quidam adventus est medius inter illos; in quo delectabiliter dormiunt qui eum norunt. Illi enim duo manifesti sunt, sed non iste.... Adventus siquidem iste medius, via quaedam est, per quam a primo venitur ad ultimum. In primo Christus fuit redemptio nostra: in ultimo apparebit vita nostra: in isto ... requies est et consolatio nostra. 

- Bernard of Clairvaux, Advent Sermon V

  There is a middle advent between these two [the incarnation and the final coming], in which we who know him sleep sweetly. The other two advents are obvious, but not this one... The middle advent is a sort of path, on which we travel from the first to the final. In the first, Christ is our redemption. In the last, he will appear as our life. In this one, he is our rest and consolation.