Compline (pronounced COM-plin, short "o," short "i") is the final office of the day, sung just before the monks go to bed.  The lights are never turned on for compline.  This means that, during the winter months at Gethsemani, it is sung in the dark.  Since the same psalms and canticles are sung every evening, the monks know this office by heart.  The darkness is not a hindrance, therefore, but an aid to prayer.

This video shows the entire office of Compline as done on an ordinary day in winter. Compline is repeated with the same psalms and canticles every evening, so the monks know it by heart and can sing it in the dark.

This clip is in "hi-def" and may be expanded to full screen using the icon in the lower right corner.

We hope you enjoy the video. We encourage you to use it to sing Compline with us from home. Click on the link below to open the text for the Office in a PDF document. Feel free to print this for your use. Unfortunately, we cannot reproduce the text for the two psalms, Psalm 4 and Psalm 90, since it is under copyright. The download may take a moment, so be patient.

 Click here to download the text for compline in PDF format