4-13 June, 2018 - Dom Elias shares Isaac of Stella insights in Europe



  2018 06 13 reims 1 sm 

Dom Elias converses with another scholar

between sessions at the International Colloquium. Click to expand.



  2018 06 13 reims 3 sm 

A view of St. Thierry, one of the excursions part of the conference. Click to expand.


In addition to serving as Gethsemani’s abbot, Dom Elias Dietz is also an expert on twelfth-century Cistercian abbot/theologian Isaac of Stella.

In June, he shared some of that expertise at two events– first as a presenter at a Sources Chrétiennes-sponsored conference in France and then in a six-day course for Trappistine nuns in Italy.


The first stop was the International Colloquium “William of St. Thierry: History, Theology, Spirituality” in Reims, France from June 4 to June 7. The colloquium featured premiere experts on William's works and on twelfth-century Cistercian history.

For his part, Dom Elias gave a lecture comparing William's writings to those of Isaac of Stella - a fellow Cistercian of the same period.


  2018 06 13 reims 2 sm 

A medieval church in St. Thierry likely familiar to William in his day. Click to expand.



  2018 06 13 vitorchiano 2v sm 

The monastic choir at Vitorchiano. Photo courtesy of Our Lady of St. Joseph Abbey. Click to expand.


After the conference’s conclusion, Dom Elias was off to Vitorchiano, Italy where he visited the Trappistine sisters of Our Lady of St. Joseph Abbey. While there, he gave a series of talks on Isaac of Stella’s life and works.

While the current monastery of Vitorchiano was built in 1957, the community was originally founded in 1875. The thriving community is motherhouse to seven foundations.


  2018 06 13 vitorchiano 1 sm 

An overhead view of Vitorchiano, courtesy of the community there. Click to expand.