6 and 13 November, 2018 - Dr. Emily Cash discusses workplace stress




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Many abbey visitors come to Gethsemani precisely to let go of stress in their lives. It might come as a surprise that monks are not immune to work-related stress themselves. Monks are people too!

With the holidays approaching, fruitcake and fudge sales ramp up. This is a blessing, but it does mean "all hands on deck" in the shipping department, even for brothers whose work is usually unrelated to the warehouse.

To help the community prepare, Dr. Emily Cash, director of the Saint Luke Center, delivered two informational sessions on stress and how to cope. Held on Nov. 6 and Nov. 13, the talks focused on:

  • common workplace stressors and their long-term impact on mental and spiritual wellness.
  • key communication skills for managing difficult interactions
  • strategies for cultivating strategies for increasing stress tolerance.

Dr. Cash is a long-time friend of the abbey. Located in Louisville, Ky., Saint Luke Center provides psychological and spiritual care for Catholic clergy, men and women religious and those in formation. Saint Luke Center is part of the Saint Luke Institute.