8-15 January, 2017 - Community Retreat




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Each year, the abbey welcomes hundreds of guests who come here on retreat.

But for one week every year, the community closes its doors to visitors and takes its own retreat.

Fudge and fruitcake production are suspended and we spend our time in private prayer and relative leisure, although, of course, the liturgy continues as usual.

We meet in the chapter room twice each day to hear a guest retreat master lead us with reflections and teachings based on their own experiences in monastic life.


This year, we were privileged to welcome Dom Bernardo Bonowitz from Novo Mundo abbey in Brazil. Dom Bernardo is well known in the order for giving retreats as well as being an author of articles and the book, Saint Bernard's Three Course Banquet.

His topic for this retreat was the sermon on the mount from Matthew's gospel. His conferences were full of insight and humour.

Dom Bernardo began his monastic life at Spencer abbey in Massachussets where he served as novice director for some years before being elected as abbot of Novo Mundo.


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