8 June, 2014 - Pentecost





Pentecost marks the boundary between the Easter Season and the resumption of Ordinary Time. It is also the celebration of the birth of the community of Christ's Church on earth.


We wish everyone a continued fine summer, with many blessings.





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        From Bernard of Clairvaux's Second Sermon for Pentecost:

Placebitne tibi, Domine Jesu, ut dones mihi vitam tuam, sicut dedisti conceptionem?... Non solum, ait, conceptionem meam, sed et vitam meam; et hoc per singulos aetatum gradus, infantiae, pueritiae, adolescentiae, juventutis, tibi donabo, adjiciens mortem, resurrectionem, ascensionem, et missionem Spiritus sancti. Hoc autem ideo, ut conceptio mea emundet tuam, vita mea instruat tuam, mors mea destruat tuam, resurrectio mea praecedat tuam, ascensio mea praeparet tuam, porro Spiritus adjuvet infirmitatem tuam.

Will it please you, Lord Jesus, to give me your life, as you have given your conception?... "Not only my conception will I give you," he says, "but also my life and this through each stage of life, infancy, boyhood, adolescence, and young manhood. And I will add to this my death, my resurrection, my ascension and the sending of the Holy Spirit. I will do this so that my conception may cleanse yours, my life may instruct your life, my death may destroy your death, my resurrection may make a way for yours, my ascension may precede yours, and that my Spirit may assist you in your weakness."