9 May, 2017 - Prof Thomas McCollough gives us some talks on archaeology.




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Prof. Thomas McCollough, who teaches religion and history at Centre College in Danville, KY, gave us a series of talks this Tuesday and last on archaeology in the Holy Land.

He showed us how archaelogical discoveries can deepen our appreciation and understanding of the world of the New Testament, the world in which Jesus and his disciples lived.

In particular, he guided us through an archaelogical dig at the first century site of Cana (officially Khirbet Kana), where the wedding took place during which Jesus changed the water into wine. He showed us what the archaeological evidence tells us about the social and political life in that small hilltop village.


Prof. McCollough has been the assistant director of archaeological digs at Sepphoris and nearby Khirbet Kana. He and his team, including students from Centre College, have made some significant discoveries. He has published articles about these discoveries in scholarly journals.

He co-edited Archaeology and the Galilee, has another co-edited book in the works, The Archaeology of Difference, and has a monograph about to the published, Ancient Christian Commentary on the Book of Daniel. He has published numerous articles.



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