21 August, 2017 - The eclipse brushes Gethsemani




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The monks gathered outside to witness the eclipse on the 21st of August. The abbot had given permission to have None early so we could be outside at 2:28, when the sun would be most obscured.

Although the abbey was not along the path of totality, we were able to witness about 97% of the sun hidden by the moon. The birds stopped singing, and Fr. Michael noticed that the bees were returning to their hives.

The monks thoroughly enjoyed this awesome demonstration of the beauty and complexity of God's creation.


We noticed a very interesting phenomenon as the eclipse was proceeding. The sun through the leaves and branches of the trees cast images of the eclipse on the pavement instead of the usual dapple. The spaces between the leaves and branches were acting like natural pinholes.

The image on the left shows this strange manifestation.



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