March 2017 - Gethsemani's new movie - the trailer




This is a trailer for a new movie about the Abbey of Gethsemani. It was written, produced, shot, and edited by the monks themselves. It follows the monks through a typical day, from well before dawn to Compline.

This movie will replace the one currently playing in our Welcome Centre. That movie is very good, but the bulk of it was shot over a decade ago, and, although our life has not substantially changed since then, some of the faces have. We can now also take advantage of being able to present the film in high definition Blu-Ray.

The film is for sale from our commercial website Gethsemani Farms, which also features our food products and other items. It is also available in our Welcome Centre for visitors and retreatants to purchase. It comes with two discs, DVD and Blu-Ray, both of which also contain the same special features, shorter videos which are currently available only on YouTube.