September 2016 - Doves Descending




Doves like to roost together at night. This year, the doves in our area have picked two trees in our preau for their night's rest.

The preau (pronounced PRAY-oh) is the very center of our monastery, a space meant to represent the heart of the community.

The doves start flying into the trees at dusk. Before they are done, well over one hundred doves have settled in.

At the very same time, at this season, the monks themselves are heading to their own rest after Compline. The windows behind the trees are for the monks' rooms where they pray, read, meditate and of course sleep each night. Inside the monastery and out, God's creatures are finding rest and comfort after a day's activities.

The lovely music for this movie was written in-house by one of the monks especially for it.

We hope you enjoy this short film.