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We are Trappist monks who have lived, prayed, and worked
in this house of the Lord for over 150 years.
As Roman Catholics gathered in community, we follow
the call of Jesus to become his disciples. Our monastery is
a school of the Lord's service, a training ground of love.
The monk expresses this love by his desire to share life together
at the heart of the Church and to grow into Christ every day.
Our mission is praise of God's mercy
and proclamation of the Kingdom's approach.
We walk in the light of the gospel and strive to become fully human,
fully immersed in the work and power of the Spirit.
The vows of obedience, stability, and conversion of manners
provide our structure, support, and encouragement
to persevere in the journey, in the work, in the search.

Intently and joyfully, we live the mystery of Christ-among-us.